Meet The Taste Makers: Nicole Vaugeois

pears2-300x300We’re counting down the sleeps to the 2015 Ontario Culinary Tourism Summit happening on November 9th! This years summit is all about those Perfect Pairings — whether it’s local food and wine or sports tourism and craft beer. It will take place in Toronto at The Westin Prince. We’ve put together a line-up of culinary tourism major leaguers who will give us the low-down on their experiences and best practices. In the weeks leading up to the summit we’ll be profiling these taste makers showing you exactly why you should save the date. So on that note, meet the first of our 2015 culinary tourism taste makers!



Nicole Vaugeois has been putting her Phd in Tourism Planning and Development to good use with her work in British Columbia. As the Regional Innovation Chair in Tourism and Sustainable Development Nicole uses research, information, ideas and insights to support rural communities in using tourism and recreation to diversify their economies. 

 Her involvement in tourism and rural development isn’t only limited to her job though. Nicole also runs a blog called Sustainable Rural Tourism which discusses issues related to encouraging rural tourism development through innovation and research. Nicole will be starting off the day by teaching us how to craft a sense of place! 

Nicole lives in Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island which makes it unsurprising that this is her taste of place. Having the ability to raise her own chickens for meat and eggs, cultivate a large garden and grow fruit trees are some of the things she loves best about Cowichan Valley. This is a sentiment that is shared in the community which has lead to great markets, eateries and restaurants with the same local food focus that makes this Nicoles taste of place.

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