Meet The Taste Makers: Marie Zimmerman

pears2-300x300We’re counting down the sleeps to the 2015 Ontario Culinary Tourism Summit happening on November 29th! This years summit is all about those Perfect Pairings — whether it’s local food and wine or sports tourism and craft beer. It will take place in Toronto at The Westin Prince. We’ve put together a line-up of culinary tourism major leaguers who will give us the low-down on their experiences and best practices. In the weeks leading up to the summit we’ll be profiling these taste makers showing you exactly why you should save the date. So on that note, meet the first of our 2015 culinary tourism taste makers!


MarieZimmerman_headshotMarie Zimmerman did her Ph.D. work in literature and cultural studies, and has published in those fields.  She won awards for her teaching at The University of Western Ontario, where she taught for over six years, and has been both an editor of scholarly journals and a freelance writer.  For the past 12 years, she has worked for several different festivals—as Artistic Director, planner and publicist, emergency plan architect, volunteer coordinator, treasurer, and MC.  She is one of the founding members of the Guelph Fab 5, a collective of local arts festivals.   Currently, she is the Executive Director of the Hillside Festival.   Taste of place for Zimmerman means the exotic flavours of Mexico and Chile. She is drawn to the satisfying substance of piping hot beans combined with spicy sauces and the surprise crunch of cold vegetables.   This doesn’t mean that she can’t find her taste of place in Ontario though. There is a Chilean restaurant in Guelph called Salsateria that operates as a vendor at Hillside. “They make the best empanadas and salsa on the planet” says Zimmerman, “I love the freshness of the flavours, the salty sweet combinations, the use of earthy pumpkin in unexpected ways”. 
 For more information on the 2015 Ontario Culinary Tourism Summit, visit:   Summit_Banner_OCTAsite
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