Meet The Taste Makers: Grey County Chefs Forum

coreThe 2014 Ontario Culinary Tourism Summit is fast approaching! Entitled ?Growing Communities: Getting to the Core of Culinary Tourism�this years� summit has us heading up to Ontario�s apple country: The Blue Mountains.

We�ve lined up a roster of culinary tourism super stars to share their wealth of experience and knowledge. Over the coming weeks, we�ll be profiling these taste makers�plus their successes, lessons and best practices. So without further ado, meet our next maker!


greycountychefsforumFarming has been a way of life and an economic pillar in Grey County since the region was first settled.  The Grey County Chefs Forum is making the family farm sustainable in Grey County by providing farmers with the tools and means to market locally grown natural or organic food directly to chefs and commercial buyers.

Becoming a member of the Grey County Chefs� Forum has immediate benefits. Twice a week farmers are able to list their products for sale on a website — and at the same time an email is sent to all registered buyers explaining what is available at their farm.  The products are then dropped of at a food hub in Flesherton where they`re picked up for distribution throughout southern Ontario, the GTA or across Grey and Simcoe.

They’re making locally grown foods infinitely more accessible. Farmers no long have to deliver to back doors and restaurants don’t have to drive from farm to farm. They’re the missing link in food distribution in Grey County.

At this year’s Summit, listen and learn as two of the Forums most active chefs and one of their producers go head to head in discussing local food challenges with the Stratford Chefs League. Both groups are finding unique ways to strengthen the connection between farm and fork, and learning from land as they do so.

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