Meet The Taste Makers: Elbert Wiersema

pears2-300x300We’re counting down the sleeps to the 2015 Ontario Culinary Tourism Summit happening on November 9th! This years summit is all about those Perfect Pairings — whether it’s local food and wine or sports tourism and craft beer. It will take place in Toronto at The Westin Prince. We’ve put together a line-up of culinary tourism major leaguers who will give us the low-down on their experiences and best practices. In the weeks leading up to the summit we’ll be profiling these taste makers showing you exactly why you should save the date. So on that note, meet the first of our 2015 culinary tourism taste makers!


ChefElbert_headshot Born in Holland executive chef Elbert Wiersema has rounded out his resume in restaurants all over the globe including Paris, London and Bermuda. His love and passion for the local were fostered during his time as a purchaser in the Rungis market in Paris. It was here he started to understand the importance of fresh local produce that is in season. Elbert has a strong philosophy on local tastes. “Tastes are not trendy, they are local and specific. The countries, locations, regions are variable but locally sourced food is constant regardless of where you travel.” he said “This makes a unique culinary world, there is no such thing as I’ve seen it all”. Because of his globe-trotting career Elbert has a variety of tastes of place. In Niagara, where he is currently living and working at Feast ON certified Elements on the Falls, Elbert’s taste of place is in between the fruit and wine vineyards growing organic fruits and vegetables to use in the restaurant.  
 For more information on the 2015 Ontario Culinary Tourism Summit, visit:   Summit_Banner_OCTAsite
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