Meet The Taste Makers: David Adames

pears2-300x300We’re counting down the sleeps to the 2015 Ontario Culinary Tourism Summit happening on November 9th! This years summit is all about those Perfect Pairings — whether it’s local food and wine or sports tourism and craft beer. It will take place in Toronto at The Westin Prince. We’ve put together a line-up of culinary tourism major leaguers who will give us the low-down on their experiences and best practices. In the weeks leading up to the summit we’ll be profiling these taste makers showing you exactly why you should save the date. So on that note, meet the first of our 2015 culinary tourism taste makers!


DavidAdames_Headshot  Since 2013 David Adames has been working as the senior director or business development for the Niagara Parks Commission. In this role he oversees aspects of Niagara Parks from heritage to sales and marketing.  Drawing on his previous experience working for the City of Hamilton, and his master’s in public administration from Queen’s University, David has fostered growth and community while at the same time preserving the natural beauty of Niagara Parks.  David’s taste of place is firmly rooted in both a place and a season. He finds his flavour inspiration from farm fruit stands, especially though located in Niagara. There is something special for him about mid-summer through fall season when he finds the stands fully stock, staffed and ready to explore. For David this means finding that fruits and vegetables that are in season and having a conversation with the farmer’s or their families who are working there. David’s favourite food to find at these stands? Niagara nectarines, for him there is nothing better! 
 For more information on the 2015 Ontario Culinary Tourism Summit, visit:   Summit_Banner_OCTAsite
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