Meet Ontario’s Newest Collaborative Beer: Farmers Market Rhubarb Saison

This weekend Wellington Brewery will be releasing a new collaboration beer made in partnership with the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market. This summertime beer shines a light on the connection between local food producers and local craft brewers.

Farmers’ Market Rhubarb Saison is a light summertime Belgian Saison style beer brewed with over 200 pounds of Rhubarb grown by local farmers!

This crisp bevvie has a mild malt body with spicy notes of clove and black pepper from the farmhouse style yeast. The addition of locally grown rhubarb adds a slightly sour and tart finish that makes this the perfect summertime beer.

This partnership with Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market is the first in a series of collaboration beers with regional farmers’ markets. The focus of this ongoing beer series will be to incorporate locally sourced fruits and vegetables into unique styles of beer. These small-batch beers will focus on highlighting local food producers and their connection to local craft beer.

RhubeerFarmers’ Market Rhubarb Saison launches this weekend with a sampling lead by Wellington Brewmaster Marvin Dyck onA�Saturday June 28th from 11am-1pmA�at Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market.

This small batch beer will be available for a limited time in tall cans from the Wellington Brewery retail store and on tap at select locations.A�



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