Maple by the Pint

Spring is definitely close, but it’s not exactly patio season out there. While we’re waiting, we can enjoy the seasonal brews that herald the coming of spring. What do all the brews on this list have in common? They’re all crafted here in Ontario, AND they’re all made with maple.  IMG_20140401_182657 So cheers to you, Ontario! Check out this list of amazing craft brews, and let’s raise a glass (of Maple Porter!?) to spring.  Sugar Shack Ale, from Barley Days Brewed only in March with locally produced maple syrup, this ale has a bouquet of rich fruity aromas and maple. Its thick, sweet body is perfectly complemented by a moderately-hopped finish.  Acadian Groove Canadian Maple Porter from Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery Aromas of maple, sweet roasted malts, and slightly earthy hops are layered upon the plump bouquet of split vanilla pods with toasty undercurrents of light coffee and chocolate. Nickel Brook Maple Porter, from Nickel Brook Brewing Co. A dark fragrant Porter, brewed with a blend of five malts, toasted barley and pure ontario maple syrup. No additives or preservatives. Naturally carbonated for a smooth creamy finish. A uniquely Canadian twist of an ancient classic.  Maple Bock, from Trafalgar Ales and Meads Brewed in the tradition of strong German bock beers, Maple Bock has that uniquely Canadian twist; a generous portion of pure maple syrup added just after fermentation. Dark in colour and rich in flavour, Maple Bock has been lagered for at least two months prior to packaging.  Railroad Special – Maple Rye Ale, from Cassel Brewery Brewed with maple sap instead of water and a generous amount of rye malt. Spicy, whiskey-like flavour, and a fuller, almost syrupy mouthfeel. Winter Cabin Strong Ale, from Granite Brewery This dark ale starts with a slight smokiness, follows with high notes of caramel and finishes dry. Malt smoked in-house with maple wood and the use of the kettle caramelization technique makes this the perfect accompaniment to a cold Canadian winter’s day.  Spring Maple Belgian Blonde Ale, from Lake of Bays Brewing Company The nose is maple with a good amount of hazelnut (noisette) accented by vanilla and caramel. After a few moments, there are aromas of cherries and just a touch of spice. Stone Hammer Maple Red Ale, from StoneHammer Brewing North American Style Red Ale using local maple syrup. Maple flavors are balanced perfectly with a slightly bitter finish, cleansing the palate for more. 
For new release information and updates from your favourite Ontario craft breweries, check out the Ontario Craft Brewers website.
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