Making some Wiggle Room in Scadding Court

Loosen your drawstrings, unfasten those buttons; it’s to time to make some Wiggle Room! Wiggle Room is the newest vendor at Market 707, a Toronto street-food market housed entirely in retrofitted shipping containers and featuring eleven diverse and delectable vendors.


Wiggle Room serves high-end street food (burgers and fries, oh my!) with an East Coast flair, and emphasizes using fresh, natural, local ingredients.

All their meat is sourced from Sanagan’s Meat Locker, a butcher shop in the heart of Kensington Market that specializes in meats from small local farmers who ethically raise their animals. With beef burgers sourced from Ontario Harvest, and a kickass lamb donair burger (one-of-a-kind!) sourced from Forsyth Farm, Wiggle Room is making strides in sustainable, affordable, and DELICIOUS street-food.


Wiggle Room’s founders, Ashley Shortall (sous-chef at The Stop Community Food Centre) and Daniel Tremblay (skilled cook and passionate foodie), have created a “Barbie-dream house style” joint, heaped in kitsch and a drool-worthy menu.

Burgers and pulled pork are matched with veggie options, seasonal salads and drinks–like their upcoming ginger lemonade! Their “newfie poutine” takes the cake in offering a one-of-a-kind holiday-worthy bite, with fries dressed in turkey stuffing and gravy.


Check out this 80-square foot retro wonder in the coming months, and help support not only your tastebuds, but Ontario’s growers!

Follow them @WiggleRoom707

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