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Local, Large And Definitely In Charge

We’re finally starting to get some of those cool breezes and chilly fall nights that we expected weeks ago — and a heavy dose of rain to boot! We love fall, but as the temperature continues to drop so does our motivation to leave the cozy blanketed comfort of our homes(and our netflix!).

Here is a list of five VQA magnums built for a crowd — or a marathon. We guarantee these will mean you’ll be able to post up in your living room and finish that last season of Friday Night Lights without having to sacrifice comfort for good wine. We think we’ve got our priorities pretty on point here. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. 

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Eastdell Estates Black Cab

Located in Beamsville Ontario the Eastdell Winery creates a fruity blend VQA black cab that is medium bodied and dry. Flavour notes include blackberry, fig, raspberry and spice with some vanilla.

Food pairing: If you’re in Toronto, head to Bespoke Butchers and pick up a rack of ribs to take home. Just give them a good dry rub and cook them in the oven, this has the added bonus of making your home smell great without keeping you in the kitchen!

Netflix pairing: BBC’s Sherlock — big wines and slow cooked ribs call for Holmes’ sharp wit. That velvety British accent doesn’t hurt either.

Peller Estates Family Series Chardonnay

Located in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Peller Estates Winery is fairly well known across Ontario. Their family series chardonnay is light and crisp with a dry finish. Floral, apple and lemon aromas that have a hint of oak to them give this wine a medium body and crisp acidity.

Food pairing: The crisp, citrusy flavour of this wine will balance perfectly with fried chicken. If you’re in Kitchener, head to Lancaster Smokehouse and grab either the fried chicken dinner or the chicken sandwich to go! 

Netflix pairing: Broad Church. Seriously good chicken and wine deserves a seriously good show. 

Pelee Island Monarch Vidal

This southernmost winery in Canada, Pelee Island, is located on the north shore of Lake Erie region in Kingsville. Like the above chardonnay this vidal is light and crisp with a dry finish. There is a light floral aroma and citrus flavours with a balanced acidity.

Food pairing: Pizza! Kingston, this one’s for you. We suggest heading to Atomica Pizza and Wine Bar and grabbing a pie to go before setting up camp on your sofa.

Netflix pairing: Wet Hot American Summer. The classic movie was just turned in to a Netflix Original series. This wine is fun, pizza is fun, this show is fun.

Girl’s Night Out Rose

This VQA rose is an easy-going as its name. With aromas and flavours of field berries, apple jelly and citrus this wine is dry with a residual sweetness from a strawberry finish.

Food pairing: We think spicy indian food would be perfect with the sweetness of this wine. Toronto, try Bindia Indian Bistro, you can even order online! 

Netflix pairing: Not since Dee’s argyle knee high/sweater vest combos has there been a better pair than Girls Night Out Rose and Clueless.

20 Bees Cabernet Merlot

Another Niagara-On-The-Lake winery the 20 Bees Cab Merlot has aromas and flavours of herbs, black currants and cherries. This medium bodied wine has balanced acidity and ripe tannins.

Food pairing: When picking your pairing ask yourself, what would Rayna James do? Answer: She’d head to Ciboulette et Cie in Midland and bring home some of that famous lasagna for her girls!

Netflix pairing: Nashville. This big dramatic wine deserves a big dramatic show. That sweet country twang don’t hurt none either.

Mike Weir 10th Anniversary Merlot 2011

cq5dam.web.1280.1280Coming in with the largest price tag on this list the Mike Weir Anniversary Merlot is good for having a dinner party or those nights where you just feel like breaking out the good stuff for yourself, in large quantities. This extra-dry wine has hints of raisin and prune with vanilla. A spicy backbone and moderate tannins round things out. Treat yo’ self.

Food pairing: Check out Sanagan’s Meat Locker in Toronto to make a cheese and charcuterie board that you can nibble on throughout the night!

Netflix pairing: Parks and Recreation – what better to pair with finger meats then the absurd antics of Indiana’s parks department?

If you want to learn more about VQA wines and the beautiful wineries that make them, check out The WInery Growers Alliance of Ontario!