Local Food Goes Online


Photo credit : Sourdough Ontario

What if local was online? Imagine being able to peruse local suppliers, shop for locally-sourced, seasonal products, and have those products delivered right to your door.

In a recent interview with the Guelph Mercury, local food entrepreneur Christian Baxter discussed his online food market and delivery service, Sourdough Ontario. Sourdough, which has no storefront location, is an artisanal food delivery company servicing Guelph and the Kitchener Waterloo region.

“We find small-scale farmers and advertize their products for sale through an e-commerce site connected to our website and consumers can pick and choose the products they want delivered right to their homes once a week,” Baxter told the Mercury. “All of our products, besides coffee, are grown locally. That includes all the flour for our breads and everything else.”

“We force people to eat local and what is available right now,” Baxter continued. “We don’t carry things like bananas grown in Guatemala. I don’t think it is a bad thing at all either, because when you have really good things in season, you should enjoy them while they are here.”

After orders are received online, deliveries go out just once a week (Thursdays), to reduce environmental impact. Baxter also told the Mercury that he is exploring the idea of bicycle couriers for short-distance deliveries.

What might be on your shopping list? Montforte Dairy sheep milk feta (Stratford), veggies from Soiled Reputation (Sebringville) or ground beef, bacon, and prime rib steak from David E.M. Martins (Wallenstein). Happy (online) shopping!

You can read the entire interview with the Guelph Mercury here.

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