Lanark County: Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario


Maple syrup � as both a sweet treat and a harbinger of spring � is like liquid gold in Ontario. It stands to reason, then, that our province’s ‘Maple Syrup Capital’ should rightfully be Lanark County, where the sugar bushes are plentiful and maple products are a staple in every household.

A sugar bush is any collection of maple trees where the sap is collected and boiled into syrup. Lanark County boasts so many of them that National Geographic listed them as their number-one recommended food experience in Ontario. Even when the sap’s run is over, it’s still well worth a visit to the county. Perhaps even more incredible than the syrup itself is witnessing the transformation of the maple trees in autumn, when the county�s forests explode with colour.

Photo credit: Jane Southren

Photo credit: Jane Southren

Looking to get your maple syrup on?

Perth, Lanark County’s seat,A� is hosting its 38th annual Festival of the Maples on Saturday, April 26, 2014 from 9am�4pm. Along the town’s scenic main street and at a variety of other venues, you’ll be able to discover fantastic shops, browse vendors offering award-winning maple products, check out displays, stage entertainment, and lots of kids� activities, and more. For more information, contact Jennifer Perkin at 613-267-3200613-267-3200.A�

The fine folks at Wheeler’s Maple Products have daily sugar bush visits running from February to April, 9am�3pm. A visit to their farm will offer you the chance to witness sap harvesting and boiling, to indulge in one of their pancake meals, to tour their Maple Heritage Museum � A�a 2,200 sq. ft. museum that houses the world�s largest collection of maple syrup paraphernalia, including instruments used by native peoples long before white explorers arrived on these shores. For more information, call (613)278-2090(613)278-2090 or email

Fulton’s Pancake House and Sugar Bush is a family-owned maple institution that’s been running for over 160 years and had been passed down through five generations. The facility and grounds are home to self-guided and group maple tours, walking and Nordic hiking trails, a Maple Shoppe, and of course everyone�s favourite�the traditional spring maple syrup season. Special activities run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekends and select dates until the end of April. For more information, call 613-256-3867613-256-3867 or email

Gibbons Maple Sugar House and Museum is open year-round and boasts over 5000 taps spread over 100 acres of maple bush. On their farm, you can watch a video showing the production of maple syrup,A� see a modern sugar house with all the equipment, see displays from the past and present of maple syrup making equipment, taste a free sample of our pure maple syrup, and purchase maple syrup and other fine maple products. For the last two weeks of April, they also offer: make your own Maple Taffy on Snow, guided tours of the maple sugar house and museum, and a pancake breakfast. For more information, call 613-275-2893613-275-2893 or email

Temple’s Sugar Bush main building is considered to be one of the finest examples of Timber frame architecture in the country. Their maple season runs until April 21st, and their restaurant will be open every day until then. Take a walk on their Sugar Bush Trail and enjoy the pleasures of walking through a young forest, while learning about the plants and animals that have become part of it. For more information, call 613-253-7000613-253-7000.

Looking for more maple-related events to satisfy your sweet tooth? Check out our events calendar!

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