Meet Tristan Hertzog of Canthooks Restaurant

Everyone knows that the best parties always end in the kitchen. With our series, Kitchen Party, we’re sitting down with Feast On Chefs to get to know them, and the local foods that inspire them, a little better.
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Tristan Hertzog

Canthooks Restaurant

Calabogie Peaks Resort
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What’s your favourite seasonal ingredient?

Hard to pick just one as the real excitement of cooking using seasonal products is that they make you think about dishes differently throughout the year. However if I had to pick one ingredient I really love to work with it would be tomatoes. Tomato season brings so many different types, with such different levels of sweetness and acidity, that every different variety is almost like working with a whole new ingredient every time!

What’s your drink of choice?

In the kitchen it would be a good coffee when you are arriving and starting your day! When I get to sit back and relax with my wife it would have to be a glass of pinot noir.

Most underrated ingredient?

The most underrated ingredient in my opinion is fresh lemon. I find that almost everyone forgets that every good dish has balance and a squeeze of fresh lemon to finish a dish can be the difference between a good dish and something that stands out with a little bit of excitement.

Favourite restaurant?

The best meal of my life was served by very good friends at The Terrace at Mission Hill Winery! I find it’s easier to have favorite chefs than favorite restaurants.

Off-duty, what are you most likely to be cooking at home?

Anything the little generals at home (my kids) decide we are eating that night ;-)

What’s the best part of working with Ontario food and drink?

Always the farmers and producers. It is amazing to have that close of a relationship with someone who can tell you exactly what the animals were fed and when the produce was planted and picked. It’s very exciting as a chef to see the love and care farmers and brewers and winemakers put into their products.

Why is Feast On important to you and your restaurant?

As a chef you have an obligation to be able to let clientele know how, when, and where the product was produced. If someone wants to pay us for the food they put in their body we should have the utmost care in what we are serving them. This program only helps to highlight that this philosophy is important and I appreciate the recognition this program is giving those who work hard to showcase the amazing products that local farmers and purveyors are producing here in Ontario.

Fill in the blank: “If I entered a competitive eating contest, I’d definitely win if the item was _______”

Ketchup Chips!


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