Kitchen Party: Harrison Hennick

Everyone knows that the best parties always end in the kitchen. With our series, Kitchen Party, wea��re sitting down with Feast On Chefs to get to know them, and the local foods that inspire them, a little better.




Harrison Hennick


Hamilton, Ontario

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What’s your favourite seasonal ingredient?

Pretty generic answer for an Ontario Chef, but I would hands down have to say Corn. There’s nothing better than local corn in the peak of its growing season. Peaches too, local tomatoes, radishesa�� Darn its too hard to pick one!

What’s your drink of choice?

Old Fashioneda�� or.. A double Montenegro, on ice, with a lemon twist.

Most underrated ingredient?

Chicken, or the button mushroom.

Favourite restaurant?

Han Moto, Peoples Eatery, and Pinkya��s Ca Phe,all in Toronto.

Off-duty, what are you most likely to be cooking at home?

Turkey burgers and steamed vegetables :(

What’s the best part of working with Ontario food and drink?

Contact.. Direct contact to growers, it doesna��t get any better.

Why is Feast On important to you and your restaurant?

Being a part of Feast On is important to us because it means sustainability, usually, and allows us to have that direct contact to both suppliers and farmers. Being able to visit a farm, work there for a day and know what it really takes to put food on a table. Therea��s only so much we, or our customers, understand about actually putting food on the table. Being able to have that contact allows us to have a better understanding, and therefore respect for the ingredients we use.

Fill in the blank: “If I entered a competitive eating contest, I’d definitely win if the item was _______a�?


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