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Meet Chef Daniel Holloway of Urban Acorn

Everyone knows that the best parties always end in the kitchen. With our series, Kitchen Party, we’re sitting down with Feast On Chefs to get to know them, and the local foods that inspire them, a little better.

Daniel Holloway

Urban Acorn Catering

Toronto, Ontario

What’s your favourite seasonal ingredient? 

Rhubarb is one of my favourite seasonal ingredients because it’s one of the first flavours of summer to emerge and is so versatile for both sweet and savoury food and drinks.

What’s your drink of choice? 

My dad got me hooked on a Wisconsin classic, Brandy Old Fashioned. I made sure to have plenty on hand last year at our wedding with lots of fresh Ontario cherries soaked in Brandy.

Most underrated ingredient? 

My wife is Acadian so although my initial thought was tarragon, my heart says summer savoury. When we visited the east coast a few years ago I got to try traditional chicken fricot; a dish my mother in law insists cannot be made without summer savoury… and she’s right!

Favourite restaurant? 

Hands down Farmhouse Tavern is my go to place for a casual atmosphere with incredible seasonal fare. Darcy and his team never disappoint.

Off-duty, what are you most likely to be cooking at home? 

Truth be told my wife and I are never home and eat out A LOT! We’re always busy running our storefront, Urban Acorn Market, managing the catering company or attending my daughter’s soccer practice. That being said when there is a home cooked meal my wife is usually the one taking care of dinner which when I am lucky, is one of her killer sandwiches.

What’s the best part of working with Ontario food and drink?

What’s unique about Ontario food and drink is how it helps connect large city centres like Toronto to rural areas around the city. I sometimes take it for granted that I can drive in any direction for an hour and visit Rosewood Winery for incredible honey or Warner’s Farm in Beamsville for super fresh produce. As a chef, that connection is very inspiring.

Why is Feast On important to you and your restaurant?

Sustainability is the backbone of our company and we’ve always felt that supporting other local artisans is our duty as business owners. Feast On to us represents a benchmark in which we can measure our impacts to supporting Ontario farmers and producers as well as a platform for us to learn from fellow Feast On chefs. I can’t wait until next year’s Rural Retreat!

Fill in the blank: “If I entered a competitive eating contest, I’d definitely win if the item was…..

Tacos or burritos!