Kitchen Party: Andre Sanche

Everyone knows that the best parties always end up in the kitchen. With our series Kitchen Party, we�re sitting down with Feast ON Chefs to get to know them, and the local foods that inspire them, a little better. Meet them here!


Chef Andre Sanche

Ciboulette et Cie
Midland, ON


Chef says: ?I like food that’s rustic and ‘clean’ tasting. At Ciboulette et Cie, we always take a local and seasonal approach, using healthy ingredients with a rustic edge.”

Most Under-Rated Ontario Ingredient? Cold-pressed oils by Pristine Gourmet. Produce-wise, it would have to be beets.
Favorite Lakefish? Smelts. I loooooooove smelts.
End of the night, You unwind with? Craft beer. My favourite is Lug Tread out of Ottawa.
Guilty Pleasure? Fat and all things fat. Never waste good wholesome, crispy fat! And LOTS of butter.
What do you cook for yourself at home? I’m a composed salad kind of guy. My meals revolve around the vegetables available seasonally and then I add a small amount of protein. It’s simple with lots of flavour.
What world cuisines inspire you? Mediterranean and Italian. They’re clean and fresh. You can feel and taste all of the juxtaposed flavours.

What we’re dying to try? Their Local Ploughman’s Lunch with house made terrine and cheese, mixed fresh greens, pickled veggies, egg and toasted bread.

Originally from Northern Ontario, Andre Sanche attended Ottawa University and went to chef’s school at age 24. After his chef training, he worked in various kitchens and culinary establishments in Ottawa. Then he decided, if he was going to work this hard he was going to work for himself. At Ciboulette et Cie, Andre and his staff are deeply connected to the local food movement and community involvement.

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