As the only provincial organization with a dedicated commitment to growing food tourism, the depth of our expertise is unmatched. We are respected for our work in strategic experiential development, the unique networking opportunities we provide and the lasting partnerships we create.

Our dedicated staff are influencers. We are committed to supporting the development of world class food tourism destinations. We want you to be part of that story at home and beyond. Join us and help create a dynamic, delicious Ontario.


Become a member of the Culinary Tourism Alliance and assist us in advancing culinary tourism in Ontario. Some of the benefits include:
  • Customizable destination profile page
  • Minimum of 4 weeks of “Big Box” ad space. Memberships valued over $5000.00 receive 8 weeks total.
  • Full year of “Badge Ad” space
  • Opportunity to provide sponsored content
  • Membership Newsletter featuring resources & opportunities
  • Social media love when you tag @OntarioCulinary or use #FeastOn
  • Representation for you to media, consumers & government
  • Representation within TIAC, TIAO and the UNWTO including the Gastronomic Tourism Network
  • Eligibility to serve on the Board of Directors
  • Memberships valued at over $5,000 receive a complimentary workshop or in-market promotional visit


Our membership is made up forward-thinking Destination Marketing Organizations, Sector Organizations, Educational Institutions, Good Food Groups and Regional Tourism Organizations. Partnership fees are based on annual budget.

  • Colleges & Universities       $1000+HST/per year
  • Annual Budget of up to $500,000       $1000+HST/per year
  • Annual Budget of $500K – $1 Million       $2500+HST/per year
  • Annual Budget of $1 Million – $1.75 Million       $5000+HST/per year
  • Annual Budget of +$1.75 Million       $7500+HST/per year

Our governance model requires Directors to be members of the organization. Individuals can join the CTA to serve on the Board of Directors, gain access to our research and resources and, of course, help move food tourism development forward on a global scale. Fee is $100+HST/year.


The Culinary Tourism Alliance is Ontario’s voice for Food Tourism through strategic partnership and authoritative, trusted advocacy. Members benefit from the CTA’s strong ties with the Ontario and federal governments. Our membership base has allowed us to, collectively, make some pretty incredible strides in Ontario. Some of the most significant work the CTA has accomplished include:

  • Successful implementation of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports 2005-2015 Ontario Culinary Tourism Strategy Development of a framework for the facilitation of direct connections between growers/producers and the hospitality sectors through our Forums on Food Tourism
  • Expanded food tourism experiences through strategic development work with destinations across Ontario
  • Establishment of the consumer website, including the Culinary Explorer and Calendar of Events
  • Development of the Experience Assessment Tool that supports Food Tourism Development market readiness
  • Provided input on the Local Food Act and worked to ensure is top of mind in future developments
  • Active involvement with the Food Integrity Committee, the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario, the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, the United Nations World Tourism Organization and the Ocean Wise Advisory Committee

Don’t think CTA membership fits right with your organization? The CTA offers many consulting services that may fit your needs.

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