Join the Fermented Food Revolution!

We get it. Some of you hear ?fermented? and immediately throwback to that old jar of sauerkraut chilling in your parent�s fridge.

Trust us, this ancient food preservation technique is so 2017. Fermented foods provide a bold, sometimes funky flavour and they are jam-packed full of nutrients and health benefits! Products like kimchi, kombucha and yogurt might ring a bell. These are just a few delicacies that have been created using the fermentation method.

Fermentation preserves food in a natural way without the use of vinegar, sugar or artificial preservatives. Lacto-fermentation is the process where bacteria eat the starches and sugars in food and convert them into lactic acid. The lactic acid preserves the food and the bacteria supplies your gut with living cultures that are essential to digestion and nutrient absorption. This bacteria also produces vitamins, makes minerals more bioavailable, produces enzymes and antibiotic substances. Talk about a superfood!

Chefs have begun to harness that funky flavour in delicious dishes where fermented products are the star. Check out a few of our Feast On favourites for inspiration on how you can use these foods at home!

Miso Vinaigrette Atomica Pizza & Wine Bar, Kingston, Ontario 

Beef Tartare with Fermented vegetables Hawthorne Food & Drink, Toronto, Ontario 

Fermented vegetables Bahn Mi-style The Quirky Carrot, Alexandria, Ontario 


A photo posted by Julia Graham (@thequirkycarrot) on

All that seem a little over-whelming? These are some of our favorite artisans who are ahead of the fermenting curve:

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