(Ice)Wines of Local: Peller Ice Cuve

This January, we�re celebrating Ontario�s most celebrated liquid luxury: icewine�with an extended special edition of Wines of Local. A�We�re picking out four favorites�some classic and some with a tantalizing twist!


Icewine is a dessert wine renowned for its intense flavours, rich bouquet and unsurpassed smoothness.A�The grapes must be naturally frozen on the vine, then harvested and pressed in a continuous process while the air temperature remains at or below -8A�C.

To produce Icewine, summers must be hot and winters must be cold and sharp. Of all the wine-producing regions in the world, only Ontario has a winter climate sufficiently cold to ensure an Icewine crop in most years.

Next on our list of Icewine picks is not technically an Icewine… but it’s so spectacular, we’re sure you won’t mind!


One of the most awarded wines at Peller Estates, the Ice Cuvee is a traditional ?mA�thode� sparkling is made with hand-picked Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes.A�When the lees are degorged, a ?dosage� of Vidal Icewine is added.

Enhanced by the burst of flavour from Vidal Icewine, a sparkling wine of unique and delectable is created. A�It’s off-dry, with hints ofA�apricot, yeast, ripe apple, honey and somehow, a finish of pink grapefruit. A�It’s a truly unique wine.

It’s also incredibly versatile. A�Serve at a cool 8A�to 10A?C in sparklingA�wine glasses with a side of anything delicious–like Peller’s famous Icewine marshmallows!

Find it atA�Peller Estates.

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