(Ice)Wines of Local: Inniskillin Cab Franc

This January, we�re celebrating Ontario�s most celebrated liquid luxury: icewine�with an extended special edition of Wines of Local. A�We�re picking out four favorites�some classic and some with a tantalizing twist!


Icewine is a dessert wine renowned for its intense flavours, rich bouquet and unsurpassed smoothness.A�The grapes must be naturally frozen on the vine, then harvested and pressed in a continuous process while the air temperature remains at or below -8A�C.

To produce Icewine, summers must be hot and winters must be cold and sharp. Of all the wine-producing regions in the world, only Ontario has a winter climate sufficiently cold to ensure an Icewine crop in most years. A�

Our first of four favorites comes from Ontario’s Icewine championA�Inniskillin Wines, andA�challenges our expectations of icewine by stepping up to the table in a bold red!


In 1991, Inniskillin entered its 1989 Vidal Icewine at Vinexpo in Bordeaux where it won the Grand Prix d’Honneur and the world’s attention. Since that time, Ontario’s Icewines have been unrivaled on the world stage. Year after year, they bring home gold medals and critical acclaim from the most prestigious international competitions.

The colour comes from pressing only as there is no skin contact during fermentation.A� The earlier it is harvested, the darker the colour and the deeper the flavours–flavours like rich strawberry andA�crisp cranberry.

Inspired by the widely received Sparkling Vidal Icewine and the ever-popular Cabernet Franc Icewine, Inniskillin winemaker Bruce Nicholson recently combined the two for an exceptional ruby red Icewine experience.

Find them both at Inniskillin Winery.

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