Hunt Camp Celebrates The Best Of Game, Fish & Fowl

There are memorable meals, and then there are meals that blow you away. Hunt Camp is one of those meals.

Originally launched as a side project for the crew at Farmhouse Tavern to flex their creative muscles on a weekly basis, it has since evolved into a travelling feast celebrating the game, fish and fowl of Ontario.

If last year’s events are any indication, on the menu you’ll find delicious creations like confit rabbit rillettes side by side with oddities like Ontario trout liver mousse as Chef’s Tom Wade (FARMHOUSE Tavern) and Shaun Edmonstone (Bruce Wine Bar) dive into our province’s wild offerings.



Technically, game is any animal hunted for food and not normally domesticated.  However, in recent decades�and in response to strict food laws prohibiting restaurants from serving hunted food on their menus�more and more of these delicious beasts are being farmed.

This type of meat comes from ?wild? animals left to hunt and forage for their food. It is typically richer in flavor and leaner in fat than meat from domesticated animals like cows and chickens.  Ontario alone is home to dozens of ostrich, bison, boar, quail and venison farms– not to mention the trout hatcheries and fisheries dotting our celebrate lake systems.

For two chefs so committed to celebrating Ontario food (they’re both huge champions of the Feast ON program), this is natural feast to be cooking! Tickets for Hunt Camp are now on sale — you can book by calling the restaurant directly.

Check it out:

hunt camp 2016

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