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How to Roast a Marshmallow (and other things you need to know at a good cottage party)

Have you heard?

We’re throwing the ultimate cottage party this fall. It’s called the Evergreen Feast On BBQ and it’s celebrating all things locally-grown and delicious.

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Marshmallow roasting is a quintessential cottage experience. Getting that perfect ooey-gooey centre with a uniform golden crust is an art. Too much heat and you’ve got yourself a sugary fireball, to little and it won’t be able to melt the chocolate in your s’more.

We’ve gone through some totally-legitimate, rigorous and wholly un-scientific testing to bring you this guide on how-to make the perfect s’more. You might find it handy this fall at the Feast On BBQ when you attempt to roast your own marshmallow.


But wait! They’re not just any old marshmallow. These are a connoisseurs marshmallow. We’re thrilled to announce that our friends from Peller Estates will be joining us and bringing along their signature icewine marshmallows. These Feast On Certified treats are made by hand and infused with their award-winning ice wine.

Challenge accepted. See you October 14th!