How to Build a Very Good Board

With spring quickly making it’s mark on patios and backyards around the province, we thought it time to dive a little deeper into the art of charcuterie board composition.

What meats should you choose? What preserves? Should there be cheese? So many questions, so many answers!

We quickly realized it’s best to turn to the experts on this matter — and when it comes to meat, there’s no one better then the Van Groningen’s — the family behind VG Meats, arguably Ontario’s most tender (and delicious!) meat.

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According to the meat masters at VG Meats, here�s how to build the best, all-Ontario, charcuterie board:

1. Your Platter
To serve a great charcuterie platter, you need a big working surface. We like to keep it rustic with one of our VG wood cutting boards. Our stores sell a beautiful array of small to large, live edge and finished edge cutting boards.

2. Your Meat
The key here is to serve a mix of flavours, salt and spice levels. For this platter, we opted for Pingue�s spicy Soppresatta, Pingue�s Salami al Prosciutto and VG Beef Salami. Using a variety of cured meat means that you will be able to create endless perfect bite combinations.


3. Your Cheese
With so many different cheeses available, you want to get a good variety of textures and flavours. We recommend getting at least one soft ripened cheese (i.e.: Castello camembert), one firm cheese (Two Words: BEER CHEESE! It�s a thing, and we�ve got it) and one veined cheese (such as Jensen�s ?Blue Haze?, a smoked blue cheese). Feel free to get even more though because, who doesn�t love cheese?

4. Your Knives
Each cheese should have its own knife whereas the meat can easily share a fork or two. You need knives that can cut the harder cheese, slice through softer cheese and spread your condiments.

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5. Your Condiments
A good charcuterie platter is not complete without excellent condiments. We recommend a mix of mustards (Kozlik�s is one of my personal favourites), pickles and pickled things, jellies, olives an and bread dippers.

Last but not least: Bread! Be sure to have a good bread spread. Crackers, crostini, baguettes and bread sticks, are all game! Think about something that is sturdy enough to hold the weight of all of the meats and cheeses.


About VG Meats

From the farm to your home, VG Meats will always be tender, tasty and traceable! 

For more meaty stories, check out The Butcher & The Beef: A Very Good Blog. Sharing their adventures on the farm, at the table, and out on the town are Amanda, a born and raised farm girl, and Maegan a food savvy marketing girl. 

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