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Just in time–with Father’s Day marking the kick-off of Ontario Craft Beer WeekBlack Creek Historic Brewery has introduced a brand new beer: ‘Rifleman’s Ration Ale‘.  It’s the first of a series of twelve ‘Historic Beers of Canada’ to be released by the brewery. Each of the twelve distinct beers is brewed to capture the feel and flavor of a specific era in our history. Rifleman Ration Ale commemorates the years 1810 to 1819, to mark the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812.
“Made from 100% Ontario ingredients, the Rifleman’s Ration is a brown ale with a full natural flavor and a wonderful lemony tang; This beer is ideal for the BBQ season – it goes great with beef kabobs, bison burgers or steak.” says Black Creek Brewmaster, Ed Koren.
The bottle’s label is adorned with the image of a 19th century colonial British line soldier called a ‘Red Coat’. The story goes that as part of his service, would have been issued with an extra paycheck exclusively for the purchasing of beer. British commanders approved of the consuming and purchasing of beer because it helped stimulate the regional economy through the sale of grains and hops by local farmers. Black Creek Historic Brewery has embraced this practical interest in local produce, and sought to recreate this time-honoured beverage to transport people’s imaginations – and taste buds – back through time. Rifleman’s Ration celebrates this tradition by only using ingredients grown by farmers in Ontario – making it a beer we can really call our own! Black Creek Historic Brewery recreates the techniques, tools and recipes used by brewers in 1860s Ontario. Their Brewmasters do everything by hand on a small scale.  To see the production process–and have a tasting of this seasonal product– visit Black Creek Historic Brewery.  The brewery offers daily tours at 2:00pm. For tour info visit their website: blackcreekbrewery.ca Rifleman’s Ration LCBO: #294272
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