Highlights From Toronto Food & Wine 2015

Smooth wines with body and crispy fried chicken
Chefs doing great talks and demos in kitchens
Foie gras on crackers and cheeses with a zing
These are a few of our favourite things.

 And we got them all at the 2015 Toronto Food and Wine Festival this past weekend!

It all happened at the Evergreen Brick Works and we were lucky enough to be there for all three days. We learned, we ate and we had a ball! Here are some of our highlights in no particular order: 

The Chef’s Talks 


CPN1pnOWcAAPETqWe’re proud to say that Food and Wine this year was not just an exercise in hedonism, we were devouring knowledge as well! We learned some pretty cool things from some great Feast ON chefs like Kevin Mackenna of Viamede unveiling the world of foraging in the Kawarthas, Ryan Crawford and Bev Hotchkiss of Backhouse discussing their dedicated approach to slow food and Shaun Edmonstone of Bruce Wine Bar talking with Ocean Wise about how he sources seafood responsibly. 

The Food

 The food is obviously the biggest draw for this festival and we were not disappointed. It was great to see such a strong lineup of chefs at the event, and with so many Feast ON choices we had the chance to try some great Ontario products! Here is a snapshot of some of our favourites:  

We got to the festival as soon as it opened on Friday and were looking for something a bit breakfasty to start our day. When we saw that Cafe Belong was serving one of our favourite sandwiches the deal was sealed. 


The Egg Biscuit Sandwich From Cafe Belong

 We didn’t have to go far to get our next snack from another Feast ON restaurant, the carbonara beans from Hawthorne Food & Drink. These were crunchy, creamy, fresh and so beautiful to look at! 


Beans Carbonara From Hawthorne Food And Drink

 When lunch rolled around we needed something hearty to power through the rest of the day, that’s when we grabbed the spicy beef taco from VG Meats. Just spicy enough to jolt us into action for the rest of the day.


Spicy Beef Tacos From VG Meats

The Drinks

While food is the focus there were plenty of beverage choices for us to wet our whistles, and several of those were Feast ON certified! It wouldn’t be food and wine without some delicious wines and we were pretty happy to have Feast ON Southbrook Vineyards rose around to sip. We were also happy to have Spirit Tree Cidery right next door to them, only three steps and we had falls favourite beverage in hand to continue our stroll through the festival. 

 But being at the festival for three days means we were running a marathon not a sprint. So when we wanted to slake our thirst without the alcohol factor we were hitting up the Pluck Teas stand for one of their chilled teas or heading to Cafe Belong to grab a tetra pack of Sapsucker.


A selection Of The Spirit Tree Estates Ciders Available At The Festival

The Demos

 We had to make sure that we attended these on a full stomach or else we probably would have tried to crawl on the stage to grab a taste of whatever was being made. Some of the stand outs were Ryan O’Donnell of Feast On certified Mercer Hall showing us how to get saucy with his demonstration of three different sauces and the exclusive chefs demo with Shaun Edmonstone of Bruce Wine Bar, another Feast ON restaurant, going through his cured Ontario trout recipe with a hands-on group.  


Shaun Edmonstone Demonstrating His Cured Ontario Trout

 We probably couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more at the 2015 Toronto Food and Wine Festival. Congratulations to everyone who participated and we were thrilled to see so many Feast ON buttons behind the booths. Until next year! 


If you’re interested in learning more about the Toronto Food and Wine Festival you can check out their website here

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