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At OCTA, we love a good local beer.A� Dark, light, hoppy or fruity–they’re all delicious and we take any chance we can to ponder over a pint of many Ontario pours.

This summer, the LCBO held a contest asking Ontario beer lovers to choose the world�s best beer�but didn�t include any uniquely Ontario brews.A� In response to the contest, four of Toronto’s biggest beer writers�Ben Johnson at BlogTO, Jordan St. John at the Toronto Sun, Greg Clow of canadianbeernews.com, and Crystal Luxmore of The Grid, decided to hold a contest of their own.

The Ontario Brewmasters Cup is pitting 16 uniquely Ontario beers against one another in four categories: lagers & pilsners; pale ales & IPAs; stouts, porters, & dark ales; and wheat, fruit, & flavoured pints.

Cast your vote at online. The final round closes on August 31; the winner will be announced in early September!

The final contestants have been chosen after a much fought over twitter campaign.A� This was one difficult decision!A� The choices in the IPA category alone are next to impossible! Here’s the full line-up:

Lagers & Pilsners

  • Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company’s Lug Tread Lagered Ale
  • Creemore Springs Brewery’s Kellerbier
  • Grand River Brewing’s Galt Knife
  • Steam Whistle Brewery’s Premium Pilsner

IPAs & Pale Ales

  • Spearhead Brewing’s Hawaiian-Style IPA
  • Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery’s Smash Bomb Atomic IPA
  • Kensington Brewing Company’s Augusta Ale
  • Muskoka Brewery’s Mad Tom IPA

Stouts, Porters & Dark Beers

  • Black Oak Brewery’s Nut Brown
  • Wellington Brewery’s Imperial Stout
  • Neustadt Brewery’s 10w30 Brown Ale
  • Mill Street Brewery’s Coffee Porter

Wheat, Fruit & Flavoured Beer

  • Amsterdam Brewery’s Framboise
  • Nickel Brook Brewery’s Gluten Free Beer
  • Magnotta Brewery’s True North Wonder Weisse
  • Denison’s Brewing Company Weissbier

SO, go forth and click, my beer loving friends!A� Cast your vote online. And hurry, the final round closes on August 31; the winner will be announced in early September.

About Ontario’s Brewmaster’s Cup

The Ontario Brewmaster�s Cup, a competition between 16 of Ontario�s best beers, was founded with a distinct goal: to showcase the great beers being made in this province and to solicit public feedback to determine which of them might conceivably be crowned the best Ontario has to offer.

Find out more at: ontariobrewmasterscup.com

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