Gunn's Hill Makes It Personal

It only took a year, but Shep Ysselstein and the Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese family have finally settled on names for their three beloved cheeses.  Much like the aging process of the cheeses themselves, the naming of these wonderful wheels was a labour of love.  Without further adieu… Handegg, Five Brothers and Oxford’s Harvest, we’re cheese’d to meet you!

Shep Ysselstein acknowledges the lengthy interim, admitting that “sometimes you can’t rush to make a decision. I knew the names had to feel right and had to match my cheeses perfectly. Although it’s taken a very long time, I’m really pleased with the choices we’ve made as they all tell really important stories about the cheese and where they come from.”

So, just what exactly is in a name? For these charming cheeses, its a whole lot of personality that pays tribute to Shep’s family background and the Swiss style of cheese-making he perfected while living in Switzerland. Here’s a bit more about the new additions:


(the cheese formerly known as Gunn’s Hill Firm)

Handegg, comes from the story of how Ysselstein spent several months in the tiny Swiss Mountain town of Handegg, mastering his craft of cheesemaking. Ysselstein adopted the techniques and recipes of making Handegg in a similar way that the artisan cheesemakers of the Swiss Alps did.

Five Brothers

(the cheese formerly known as Gunn’s Hill Semi-Firm)

Five Brothers, is named after the five Ysselstein brothers. Ysselstein grew up on his family dairy farm working each day and evening alongside his four brothers John, Marc, Daniel and David. Together with their parents, they built up the strong dairy farm that exists today and produces all the milk used in creating the cheese at Gunn’s Hill.

Oxford’s Harvest

(the cheese formerly known as Gunn’s Hill Soft)

Oxford’s Harvest, is a mild and creamy cheese that celebrates the local harvest that takes place within Oxford County, the Dairy Capital of Canada.  Each level of harvest is celebrated in Oxford’s Harvest and it is the pleasure of Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese to share this bounty. Ysselstein hopes that now that official names have been chosen, they will soon become a part of household banter where families will argue over who ate the last piece of the delicious Handegg, Five Brothers, or Oxford’s Harvest.  Time to start hiding my cheese away now…    
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    1. foodie traveler says:

      Shep will be partnering with Chef Eric Boyar at the upcoming “Oxford Garden Party” in the gardens at The Elm Hurst Inn & Spa, on August 14th.  Hope to see you there.

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