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Soup for the Soul in Markham

This year has been full of challenges and obstacles- sweater weather has taken a chillier note, and not too soon we might even hear the first notes of the weather outside being frightful. What better way to keep your body and spirits warm than with a warm bowl of soup? Markham is one of the most diverse cities in all of Canada- and as such, there are a variety of different cuisines for you to seek that warm, steaming bowl of soup.


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Wonton Noodles @ Big Trio Wonton

28 South Unionville Avenue, Unit 1061, Markham ON L3R 4P9​

We love, love a big bowl of wonton noodle soup! The springy noodles, the juicy wontons full of stuffing, finishing off the bowl with a slurp of umami broth: big Trio Wonton Noodle prides itself in using only the freshest produce, meats, and other ingredients. The fist sized wontons leaves you wonton more (yes I had to go there), we recommend the classic Shrimp Wonton Noodle in Soup- but why stop there? They have a variety of different noodle soups, and even the option to buy raw wonton for home! Buy a dozen, keep it in your freezer, and enjoy freshly made wonton soup at home!


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Ramen @ Sansotei Ramen

3987 Hwy 7 #4, Markham, ON L3R 5M6

Another soup based noodle we love to slurp on is Ramen: and Sansotei is a home grown brand specializing in authentic Tonkotsu Ramen. Taking inspiration from Kyushu and Hokkaido regions of Japan, we might not be able to travel, but we can at least enjoy authentic flavors from home. 

Sansotei’s pork bone broth is made fresh daily, and there is something about clearing an entire bowl of ramen that just hits the spot! Enjoy the classic tonkotsu, put a spin on it by getting the Tonkotsu black, or enjoy the Spicy Tantan and add that little but if heat to your meal. 


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Pho @ Pho Quinn Vietnamese Cuisine 

5284 Hwy 7 Markham, ON L3P 1B9

Did we giggle inappropriately when we first read the restaurants name? Maybe. But we were closing our eyes in bliss when and thanking our lucky stars when we tried their Pho. A local spot taking all careful and necessary precautions during these unprecedented times, Pho is the perfect blend of soup and noodle to enjoy in this weather. We love the contrast of the crunch of beansprout and chew of rice noodle, and the beef! Amazing! 


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Hotpot @ Xiangzi

3989 Highway 7 East Markham L3r 5M6

Sometimes you need soup. Sometimes you need choice. And sometimes, you just need a pretty place setting that makes you think fondly of days when people didn’t need to social distance and mask wearing was not compulsory. 

Sometimes, you need hotpot. 

Xiangzi Hotpot is beautiful: it’s all you can eat, and the restaurant is careful with social distancing between tables. The Szechuan spicy hotpot soup base is SPICY! And not one we recommend for the faint hearted. They have a tomato soup base that is easier on the mouth, and a variety of beautifully plated dishes to add to your hot pot.


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Soup and Rice @ Nakwon

3225 Hwy 7 E.Unit 3, Markham

Our weakness at Korean restaurants have been the banchan, the small assortment of side dishes that let you whet your appetite before the meal. Nakwon serves gamjatang- a pork based spicy soup that is great with rice.

Nakwon also offers a variety of different soups, all which are pretty hearty because they are usually eaten with a bowl of rice. 


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Sancocho @ the Toston Colombian 

35 Karachi Dr, Markham, ON L3S 0B5, Canada

Sancocho is a traditional broth in several Latin American cuisines, and Toston Colombian’s a hearty soup, almost like a stew with meat, corn and potato. A super traditional Colombian recipe that comes with a side of rice, sweet plantain and avocado, this soup will warm you up and give you that extra kick you need to stay motivated as the days get shorter.


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Sherry Lemon Mussels @ Tapagria 

230 Commerce Valley Dr. E Markham, ON L3T 7Y3

We went with the logic that we dipped bread in the sauce, hence it is soup! But really. One bite of Tapagria’s sherry lemon mussels and we had to share. Tapagrias serves beautifully plated innovative tapas- and while as we respect social distancing and small social circles, we justify ordering a multitude of tapas and Pintxos because they are bite sized snacks on toast. 

Tapagria tapas is also available via takeout and delivery! So bring home some of the teeny tiny joy.


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French Onion Soup @ Duchess of Markham 

53 Main Street North, Markham Ontario Canada L3P1X7

What soup list would be complete without a cheesy, savory French onion soup? Not our list. The Duchess of Markham serves an amazing French onion soup with that beautiful, crusty layer of cheese. It is not the most prettiest soup Instagram, but in our eyes, it is beautiful! (And delicious!)