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Escape to Oakville’s outdoors with this one-day birding itinerary

Oakville is a haven for novice and experienced birders alike, with hundreds of species calling the town home. Grab your binoculars and your camera, and follow along with this one-day itinerary that will keep your eye in the sky.

Note: The suggestions below are based on information available at the publishing date. Please double check with local COVID-19 policies and businesses to confirm if offers and activities are still available.

Birding at Bronte Creek

Pick up a coffee and pastry to go at Oakville’s Best Café Talk of the Town Award-winner Vereda Central before taking off to Bronte Creek Provincial Park. 

You’ll spend your morning exploring the trails and looking for over 190 different species of bird that call this park home.

Birds to watch for: Pileated woodpecker, turkey vulture, Baltimore Oriole, Red-tailed hawk, killdeer, eastern bluebird, bobolink, snow bunting and various types of owl.

Watch for waterfowl by the lake

Make a pit stop in Bronte Village next, and order takeout from local restaurants like La Parisienne Creperie or Taste of Colombia for an impromptu picnic in the park. Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park and Bronte Beach Park are perfect locations to lay down a blanket and enjoy a quick bite by the lake.

Take time to look for new species of bird by Bronte Harbour, as it is known to host a variety of waterfowl.

Birds to watch for: Canada goose, ring-billed gull, Bonaparte’s gull, common tern, mute swan, red-necked grebe, double-crested cormorant, ospreys, sandpipers, snowy owls and blue jays.

Picnic with parkland birds

Looking for a little more before settling in for dinner? Try walking through Shell Park or Village Wood Park for a look at some woodland birds.

Birds to watch for: Songbirds, owls and woodpeckers.

Make your way to Downtown Oakville at the end of the day and opt for an evening on a patio or sunset picnic by the lake. You can find something for every taste with options like Dar Nabati and Coriander Green. Before you leave, take one last look through the Oakville Harbour area for any signs of the waterfowl you might have missed at Bronte Harbour.

Don’t worry if you didn’t find some of the birds on your list this time. You have all fall to explore more of Oakville in search of the ones that got away.

Most importantly, don’t forget to tag @VisitOakville in your adventures!