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Discover chocolate, bakeries and bison in Northumberland

Looking for a yummy destination?

You have to head to the World’s Finest Chocolate outlet in Campbellford!

Head north on County Road 45 from Highway 401 for about 15 km. Turn right on County Road 29. At Burnley (stop sign), turn left to follow Noonan Road (which turns into Concession Rd 3 West) all the way out to County Road 25. Take a left (go north) on County Road 25 to County Road 35 then turn right. Stay on this road, you’re almost there…

Once you arrive in Campbellford, continue over the main bridge and the road will curve right at the top of the hill. Look for the Beer Store on your right (first stop). The World’s Finest Chocolate outlet is across the street from it. Take a deep breath and get ready for deals on bags of chocolates bars, bulk sales and holiday gift packages.

Head back to the main area of Campbellford to find home furnishings, local goods or homemade bread and donuts at Dooher’s Bakery. Don’t forget to stop by at the giant Toonie and take your picture!

Backtrack along County Road 25 to Godolphin Road and make your way south into Warkworth. Take a little time to sit in Warkworth’s beautiful park by the river. If you can convince yourself to leave that beautiful spot, head back on the road and go west on County Road 29 out of Warkworth to Concession Road 2 West. This will take you past Century Game Park where you can view bison and elk or visit their tiny retail freezer to buy some local product. Keep your eyes open, wild turkey may be crossing the road!