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Celebrate Local Food Week with the NEW Perth County Farm Gate Map

Celebrating Local Food Week is made simple in Perth County this year, with the launch of their new and improved Farm Gate Map! Perth County is home to a variety of farm gate stores, self-serve stands, and seasonal pick-your-own experiences. Get right to the source of your food using the Farm Gate Map to help you discover, locate, and experience all of Perth County’s incredible agricultural offerings!

The hard copy map features over 65 local farm gate listings and additional information on animal encounters, festivals & tours, seasonal availability, pick-your-own offerings, and more!

Use the digital map to find all the Farm Gate destinations, read more information about each, and get directions sent directly to your smart phone! You can even select a pre-made travel itinerary based on your interests, such as a local Meat & Cheese Tour, Vegetable Exploration, or Fruits & Flowers Adventure!

Visit one of the scenic farm gate destinations to experience Perth County’s local food culture, shop for fresh-from-the-farm foods, and immerse yourself in a memorable agricultural adventure!

Take home a taste of Perth County by embarking on a Farm Gate Map adventure this Local Food Week! Visit www.perthcounty.ca/farmgate to discover more!