Greenbelt Brings More Local Food To A Cafeteria Near You

Greenbelt Fund Leads the Way for Local Food by continuing much needed grant program!

Greenbelt-logoWe had some good news last week.A� It’s official, more fresh, local food is coming to cafeterias and food-service kitchens across the province.

With support from the Ontario government, through the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Greenbelt Fund is calling for new applications to the broader public sector (BPS) grant program to support increased amounts of local food served in hospitals, schools and other broader public sector institutions.

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This renewed grant program has supported a $26 million increase in the amount of Ontario foods purchased by the BPS: every one dollar invested by the province has supported the purchase of five dollars� worth of Ontario local food.

?The Greenbelt Fund is leading the way in changing how Ontario�s public institutions think about food,? said Burkhard Mausberg, CEO of the Greenbelt Fund.A� ?With the continued support of the new Ontario government, we are significantly increasing the amount of local food available for students, residents and patients and supporting Ontario�s vibrant agri-food industry.?

?This funding is a part of the Ontario government�s ongoing commitment to support local food. Together, we are helping to connect local farmers and food suppliers with public institutions and making it easier for them to buy local,? said Kathleen Wynne, Premier and Minister of Agriculture and Food.

?When we work together to promote local food, we support Ontario farmers, our family and the economy.?

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About the Greenbelt Fund

The Greenbelt Fund is a sister organization of the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation. With an investment of $5 million in new funding from the Ontario government, the fund is helping to increase the amount of local Ontario food served in daycares, schools, universities and colleges, hospitals and long-term care homes.

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Grant details and funding applications can be found here.

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Communications Director
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