Greenbelt looking for input the financial needs of the local food sector

Are you a local food producer, processor, market owner/staff, co-op owner/staff, distributor, food hub, food incubator or other food entrepreneur? Are you looking for better access to capital? We want to hear from you!

We request input into our research on the financial needs* of the local food sector via our short survey.

Survey responses will also inform a new project by the Local Food and Farm Co-ops — the Fair Finance Fund, ensuring it meets the needs of the sector. For details, see below. We thank you in advance for your input! Please feel free to share the survey with others. Sincerely, The Greenbelt Fund Team
  *All participant responses will be held in strict confidence by Local Food and Farm Co-ops. The resulting report and general non-identifying statistical data may be shared with Fair Finance Fund partners and the Greenbelt Fund.

About the LFFC’s Fair Finance Fund project:

The Fair Finance Fund by the LFFC will be a revolving loan fund offering patient capital (long-term or negotiated rates) for local food and farm social enterprises. Social enterprises in this sector include regional producers, markets and other regional food system partners that share social values and community benefit goals. Sector research is being coordinated by the Local Food and Farm Co-ops, with partners at the Rural Agri-Innovation Network/ SSMIC and the Greenbelt Fund.  Loans will be offered in the mid-scale range, which is often seen by banks as too small, but is too large for micro-finance schemes. Between now and September, we are soliciting input from partners and enterprises to ensure that the fund is designed to meet their needs, and be viable over the long-term.  Here are a couple of examples that have inspired us: FarmWorks (Nova Scotia) Chantier de l’Economie Sociale (Montreal) La Montanita Fund (Arizona)
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