Going Wild at the Blueberry Festival!

Evergreen Brickworks was full of hustle and bustle this past Sunday with the Wild Blueberry festival. 


As far as the eye could see there were blueberry treats, beer and tongues that were varying degrees of purple. We learned a lot at the festival through workshops and asking questions until we were blue in the face, here are a few things that we picked up:

Why a wild blueberry festival you might ask? Wild blueberries differ greatly from the blueberries that you see in the produce aisle in the way they grow, and their nutrient content. Wild blueberries can’t be planted or farmed in the way that industrial berries are, they grow low to the ground and spread primarily through rhizomes, which are underground runners. Cultivated blueberries come from high bushes which are planted and farmed.

As one of North America’s oldest native berries wild blueberries also contain twice the amount of goodness in an equal serving of farmed blueberries. This makes them a friend in protecting against cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Isn’t it nice when something so tasty is so good for you? 

But why are they so high in phytochemicals you’re wondering? These antioxidant chemicals are actually created as part of the blueberries defence mechanisms against harsh climate, the harsher the climate the high the levels of phytochemicals. Wild blueberries are no stranger to the elements especially harsh winters, and so by not being coddled in greenhouses they produce high amounts of the antioxidants that are so good for us. 

After getting our fill of wild blueberry facts we headed to the main stage to see Ricky Casipe, of Feast ON certified Hawthorne Food and Drink, run a food demo that had our mouths watering in a big way. He hit both the sweet and savoury notes with his deep friend wild blueberry pancake batter with maple wild blueberries, and the duck heart yakitori braised with wild blueberry teriyaki. 


Not only did we learn a lot about these little blue power packs but we ate a lot of them too! Imagine that! 

When we started off our wild blueberry adventure with this cinnamon wild blueberry tamale from Feast ON certified Chocosol Traders, we knew that this festival was going to be a tasty trip.

The wild blueberry and boar sausage from the Feast ON certified Bespoke Butchers was definitely a highlight. Paired with sauerkraut from Pyramid Ferments and some Kozlik’s triple crunch mustard we were very happy campers! 


Our last bite of the day came from Localista, a Feast ON certified food truck. The duck cake with kale chips and wild blueberry mole made us wish we had a pint of the mole sauce! 


We had a great time and left full of blueberries and knowledge. If you didn’t make it to the Wild Blueberry Festival last weekend at Evergreen Brickworks… you blue it this time around, but there’s always next year! For more events at Brickworks check out their website!

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