Georgian Hills releases not one, but two new ciders!

Sometimes good things come in pairs. Feast On certified Georgian Hills Vineyards has not one, but two new ciders on the shelf under a brand new label: Ardiel Cider House! That’s something to celebrate.



The Ardiel Cider House Dry Cider is a full bodied cider with a vibrant fresh apple mid palate, ending in a clean refreshing dry finish, while the Big John Hop Cider is unique in style with attractive floral hop aromas; citrus and spice mid palate; ending with tangy tart cider notes.


To make the flagship Ardiel cider unique, Ardiel Cider House practices the age old tradition of winemakers called ?back blending?. This is accomplished by adding unfermented fresh apple juice and a small amount of ice cider which balances out the acidity and alcohol and enhances the flavour. The resulting cider is delicious and distinct.

So why the name? John named the cider after his great grandfather Leonard Ardiel, who first planted apple trees on the home farm.

We’re excited to have another amazing cider maker up and running in the Beaver Valley! The region is in the heart of the Blue Mountains and known for its cool northerly climate where orchard farmers have been growing unique varieties of heritage apples for almost a century. Just one of many reasons to visit!

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