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Packing nutritious lunches and making healthy eating choices with our kids are topics fresh on parents’ minds with the return of busy fall school schedules. At times, kids might seem like picky eaters, but their inner explorer is waiting to be unleashed! When food choices are made in a positive and enriching atmosphere, kids will be more likely to grow and nurture their creative culinary spirits.

* Test, taste, and savour Ontario’s bounty of local ingredients at Growing Taste Buds

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Growing Taste Buds is an 8 week children�s culinary workshop series at Evergreen Brick Works that is designed to allow kids ages 8-12 the opportunity to make healthy choices for their bodies while learning about this series’ theme of local and seasonal products in Ontario. Discovering where our food comes from, how cheese is made, and what “fermenting” means are just some of the special topics included in this session’s series.

Participants will be invited to touch, taste, smell and feel all of their ingredients, then be inspiredA�and develop an understanding of how the Ontario landscape produces the foods on our plates. The series runs on Saturday mornings from 11:00am to 1:00pm from September 21st to November 16th and includes some very special guest speakers.

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Registration for the fall session of Growing Taste Buds is open, so nab even more tasty details about the program below to get your children excited and involved in creating their own nutritious meals!

September 21: The Journey Begins!
What�s in season? Where does it grow? What do I prefer? What do we want to learn? How does the kitchen work? These are all good questions to get us started on our food journey.

September 28: Red is Best
Tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, watermelon�which will you choose?A�We pick our food with our eyes, so understanding how the colour of fruits and vegetables is related to their nutritional properties helps us plan a healthy meal.

October 5: Cooking Outdoors
Pizza and pop! We all love them. Today, children will learn how to make homemade pizza in the outdoor bread oven and we�ll wash it down with a healthy and natural fermented soda!

October 12: No program due to Thanksgiving weekend.

October 19: An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!
Guest: Mimi Bizjak, Bizjak Farms
Do you know we have 17 different apple varieties in Ontario? Taste and decide which one you prefer! Plus, learn from an apple farmer how they grow and which varieties are best for baking, making sauce or enjoying fresh off the tree.

October 26: Cheese Creations
Guest:A�Cindy Hope, Crosswind Farm
We all love cheese. Do you know what the main ingredient is? Children will learn from farmer and cheese producer Cindy Hope how she produces cheeses in the Kawartha region.

November 2: Winter Wraps
Guest: Jessie Sosnicki, Sosnicki Farms
With the temperature dropping and winter on its way, farmers have a variety of ways to store their veggies for the season. Learn from Jessie Sosnicki how she wraps up the harvest for winter.

November 9: Visiting the Farmers� Market
Children will take a stroll through our Farmers� Market, with a focus on getting to know the farmers, what they grow, how they grow it and what�s in season. After, it�s back to the kitchen to create a delicious dish!

November 16: Last Day Celebration!A�Children will cook a dish together that will be offered at their very own booth at the Farmers� Market. They will also have an opportunity to talk about what they cooked and how they cooked it while raising funds to support our Children�s Food Program bursary, helping children from underserved communities to take part in the program.

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