Foodival : Step Right Up Folks!

Only a couple of weeks ago Foodies on Foot did it again with the launch of FOODIVAL – Toronto’s First Carnival Themed Food Festival.

Modern Pig in a Blanket

On Sunday 29 September the indoor-outdoor space at 99 Sudbury Street was turned into a carnival themed festival of games and programming in support of Real Food for Real Kids and kicked-up carnival food offerings from over 25 vendors. Both the all-ages daytime session and the adult evening session did not disappoint. After humiliating myself in a game that had a bungee cord elastic tugging at my back while I tried to run forward I was quite happy to watch the fire show outside.

But this was not before trying many of the modern carnival tastes and treats on offer. From modern pigs in a blanket to kimchi hot dog tacos, an amazing tandoori chicken wrap made with local ingredients to my favourite liquid nitrogen ice cream, the tastes were as exciting on the palate as the descriptors were to my mind.

Ice Volcano Cream 2

After doing what everyone should do at a carnival, that is eat too much, I sat sufficiently suffonsified watching two young men battle back-and-forth in a gladiator game that saw neither come out on top.

Looking forward to seeing what next year’s Foodival has behind the curtains!

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