Food on Film Brings Culinary Community Together

As the second season of TIFF�s Food on Film series comes to a close, it�s clear that it has made an impact, not only on TIFF regulars, but on everyone from chefs and restauranteurs, to farmers and… chemists?

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David Chang, internationally renowned chef and founder of Momofuku, discussed Ang Lee’s poignant family drama about a senior chef who lives with his three adult daughters. PHOTO CREDIT: Sonia Recchia, WireImage/Getty for TIFF

Now in its second season, the film series, hosted by Canadian Living magazine’s Annabelle WaughA�at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, featured six titles and aimed at representing the life cycle of food.

Beginning with the visual and pop culture perspective, food stylist Claire Stubbs talked about I am Love and food writer James Oseland discussed The Trip.A�Exploring behind the scenes of the restaurant business, the series� third film, Ang Lee�s Eat Drink Man Woman, was presented by Chef David Chang. Aldo Sohm, chef sommelier at New York City’s Le Bernardin,A�delved into the world of wine pairing withA�SidewaysA�and activist and food laureate, Anita Stewart, talked about food sourcing and the ?think global, eat local? movement alongside Food, Inc.

The upcoming and highly anticipated conclusion to this year�s Food on Film series, titledA�El Bulli: Cooking in Progress, will feature an onstage demonstration by both a gastronomy expert and chef, Anne McBride, as well as renowned chemist Kent Kirshenbaum.

?We thought it would be really fun and dynamic to end with the chemistry,? said Food on Film curator, Theresa Scandiffio. ?It�s always been there, there�s always science behind food and cooking. But what it really means to put that at the forefront is to say that a chef is now a scientist and a chemist.?

Kent Kirshenbaum, Associate Professor of Chemistry at NYU and a molecular gastronomy expert, explores the science behind Ferran AdriA�’s brilliant and innovative cuisine as showcased in El Bulli: Cooking in Progress. PHOTO CREDIT: Kino Smith, WireImage/Getty for TIFF

Showing on June 19, El Bulli focuses on the acclaimed restaurants and masterminds behind the food science movement. Those with an interest in ?molecular gastronomy? might recognize the film�s title as Chef Ferran AdriA��s restaurant in Spain. AdriA� is the subject of the final film, which Scandiffio is excited about.

?It�s an incredibly beautiful film, with still and moving shots that are emblematic of the caliber of films that are presented at TIFF,? she said. ?But it also shows the respect and the labour and the expertise and skill of the chef. So it�s a really good melding of the two.?

Melding seems to have been an underlying theme of this year�s Food on Film series.

?We have a very engaged audience, but this series has expanded our reach,? said Scandiffio. ?We have a lot of people who have not necessarily ever come to the building or ever come to the film festival, but are attending this series. Like last month, we had farmers in the audience, for the activist, and it was really exciting to get their feedback on growing trends and concerns. It�s always fantastic when our film audience has a brand new crop of people to mix up and extend their experience and inspire each other.?

Scandiffio is already thinking about next year�s Food on Film, but she is happy with the way it was received this time around.

?We are so appreciative of our audience,? she said. ?It�s not just the dynamic of the experts on stage, but it�s also the way that they engage with the audience and the way the audience members engage with each other, and it�s been a really positive experience. We�re really happy with it.?

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