Food Hub Opens in Flesherton!

The Grey County Chef’s Forum has leased a location on Highway 10 just north of Flesherton for the drop off and pick up of produce from Grey County farmers for distribution to the GTA by 100km Foods. The Chefs’ Forum Flesherton Food Hub opened Wednesday August 25th for pick‐ups and deliveries of fresh seasonal meats, produce and more! IMG_20140605_145954 What’s a food hub you ask? The USDA defines a food hub as a “centralized business management structure to facilitate the aggregation, storage, processing, distribution and marketing of locally or regionally produced food products.” It’s basically the middle ground between the farm and the restaurant/grocer/institution. How does the Flesherton Hub work? Well, on Mondays 100km Foods does pick ups for the GTA. Farmer members can contact 100km Foods by email with their items by Thursdays at noon. Orders are then sent to the farmers Sunday evening and are dropped off at the hub by noon starting that following Monday. They’ve got a pick up on Wednesday as well — with a cut off day of Tuesday. 100km Foods isn’t charging a delivery fee, and as it stands, the farmer is paid within 30 days. Another bonus? Local chefs can contact area farmers directly and make arrangements for pick-up from the hub. It’s a great ‘meet in the middle’ option for folks traveling longer distances. The concept of a ‘food hub’ isn’t a new one. Regions across North America are employing the model as a means to make sourcing from down the road a little easier.  When done effectively, it becomes a ‘one-stop-shop’ for local products — saving the chef having to drive from farm to farm. They can be quite powerful as economic development initiatives, often increasing the strength, stability and growth of the region and its agricultural industry. You can register or find out more here:

About The Grey County Chefs Forum

Making the family farm sustainable in Grey County by providing farmers with the tools and means to market locally grown natural or organic food directly to chefs and commercial buyers.  
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