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Monday, June 27th
in the Heart of Ontario



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Get together with 50 or so industry colleagues from the region to learn, network and of course, eat! You will be broken up into smaller groups to attend break-out sessions themed around the Sustainable Development Goals and led by industry peers throughout the day.

Each group will move around the farm attending fireside chats, demos and talks. Each session will be roughly 45 minutes and run four times. You will definitely have an opportunity to attend each session! You can explore who's speaking and what's on the agenda below.

We will converge into one big group in the morning, over lunch and during happy hour at the end of the day. There will be plenty of good food and drink throughout.

These are outdoor events, happening rain or shine, so please dress accordingly.



10:00AM : Welcome Remarks (and plenty of coffee!)

10:45AM : Break-Out Sessions
From Farm To Glass: Sustainable Agriculture at West Avenue Cider House OR All About Food Rescue

10:30AM : Break

11:45AM : Break-Out Sessions
From Farm To Glass: Sustainable Agriculture at West Avenue Cider House OR All About Food Rescue

12:30PM : Locally-Sourced Lunch by La Parisienne Creperie

1:30PM : Break-Out Sessions
Using Seasonality to Promote Responsible Production and Consumption in Foodservice OR Sustainability Starts with VQA

2:15PM : Break

2:30PM : Break-Out Sessions
Using Seasonality to Promote Responsible Production and Consumption in Foodservice OR How Sustainability Starts with VQA

3:15PM: Break

3:30PM: Group Session
Economic Outlook for F&B Businesses: Today and toward Net Zero

4:20PM : Happy Hour
featuring West Avenue Cider, Nickel Brook Brewing and Mann's Distillery

The agenda is subject to change as we finalize details. Ticket holders will be notified of any changes directly.



West Avenue Cider
84 Concession Rd 8 E, Freelton, ON






Chris Hayworth and Amy Robson, Owners of West Avenue Cider House will be speaking about Sustainable Agriculture in a session titled "From Farm to Glass: Sustainable Agriculture at West Avenue Cider House". West Avenue Cider has planted more than 6,000 trees — and over 100 varieties of apples in an effort to preserve heritage varieties through sustainable farming practices.





Deirdre Buryk, Recipe Developer at Fresh City Farms and Author of recently published Peak Season will explore using seasonality to foster responsible consumption and production in the foodservice industry. Deirdre Buryk is a cookbook author, nutritionist, recipe developer, and farmer superfan. Her background is in clinical nutrition and takes most of her inspiration from nature and Ontario's seasons.





Join Colin Guldimann, Economist at RBC, to learn about how food & beverage businesses will be impacted by macroeconomic trends. Subjects such as climate change, food inflation, and investments in agriculture will be addressed in this casual but informative session. Colin joined RBC in 2019 as an economist. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Ottawa, and Master of Arts in Economics from the University of British Columbia. Prior to joining RBC, Colin worked on mortgage, housing, and economic policy at the Department of Finance Canada.





In a session entitled "All About Food Rescue", Amy Robinson and Norberto Caceres of Second Harvest - Canada's largest food rescue charitable organization - will explore how their innovative and efficient food rescue model fuels people and reduces the environmental impact. Learn how working with thousands of food businesses from across the supply chain has helped them to reduce the amount of edible food going to waste. This model helps redirect surplus food to thousands of charities and non-profits across Canada.


The spirit of sustainability
starts with VQA

We're excited to share that VQA Wines of Ontario will be offering tutored tastings of Sustainable Winegrowing Ontario Certified wines throughout the day. Together, we'll explore the impact these wineries have on our environment, economy and community and reflect on how SWO Certified wineries and growers are respecting our natural resources, building sustainable businesses and fostering a culture social responsibility.




Feast On Chef Courtney Colas

from La Parisienne Creperie
Feast On Certified since 2018

Courtney Colas, along with her partner Mikael, took over the family business and breathed new life into La Parisienne in December 2014. They serve classic French crepes and other fare in their re-vamped Hamilton dining room.



Feast On Chef Yang

from La Parisienne Creperie
Feast On Certified since 2018

Chef Yang had a very late start to his career. He Ignored his gut feelings after graduating high school and went to business school, three years later and a LOT of money spent he realized he just could not do it. His friends suggested he go into culinary and that’s how his journey started. The two years at George Brown was a magical time for him. From there the love blossomed and he knew it was right. He spent years downtown Toronto couch surfing with friends while working in great kitchens learning the craft and climbing the ranks.

Fast forward a few years and Chef Yang got some KM experience under his belt and that’s when he found La Parisienne Creperie. I quickly realized their food philosophy were remarkably similar and the owners Mike and Courtney were incredibly supportive in his efforts to create simple yet elegant food with an emphasis on locally sourced products.





Farm Fresh Greens with root vegetables, orchard apples and citrus dijon vinaigrette

Plus, choice of:

Croque Monsieur
featuring local artisan ham, house made bechamel and plenty of melted Emmental cheese

Croque Mademoiselle
featuring seasoned mushrooms, wilted spinach, Dijon bechamel and Emmental cheese

Croque La Parisienne
featuring double smoked bacon, tomato jam, Dijon bechamel, Emmental, topped with arugula and leek aioli


















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