#FeastON Nights : October

So, what are these #FeastON Nights we keep talking about?

This autumn, Feast ON certified restaurants across the province will be offering unique and exclusive dining experiences with a strong focus on local food and drink. They�ll be designing experiences that fit their individual styles and offer up a unique experience not available on the day-to-day.


It gets even better! Every experience will celebrate our amazing Ontario beef and cow�s milk cheese producers. The series will not only showcase the great products that this province has to offer but also help foster a deeper relationship between you and your food.

Some of these experiences are for just 2 people, some for 16+, but each are unique. Some will even allow for a behind the scenes look at how your food gets to you!

So what’s on tap for October? Lots!

On October 21st, join Boshkung Brewing and Rhubarb Restaurant for their Octoberfest Beer Maker’s Dinner. Boshkung brewmaster Brent Milcz will walk you through each course, and it’s pairings (Boshkung is micro-brewed on-site!). 

On October 24th, go back to school in style, with Hawthorne Restaurant’s ‘Back to School – 6 Course Tasting Menu’, featuring Ontario beef and cheese, while also reimagining favourite childhood snacks.

On October 27th, escape to the landscape of Creemore and Collingwood for an overnight getaway with Azzurra, and Mad Maple Country Inn. Seriously though, this is literally the whole package.

There’s so much more, and new experiences are constantly being added, click the image below to see the most up-to date listing.




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