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St. Brigid’s Creamery

42352 Brandon Rd, RR # 5
Brussels, ON.
(416) 436-9698

Situated on the outskirts of Brussels, Huron County, St. Brigid’s Creamery is a family-run dairy farm committed to restoring the balance between agriculture, the environment, and the communities they sustain.

That’s why they use regenerative farming methods to create their signature grass-fed, single-herd A2 Jersey products—which can be easier to digest than A1 (beta casein) commonly found in Canadian dairy. Its nearly 1,500 acres of holistically-managed land nourish over 400 grazing Jerseys with the finest grasses, forbs, and shrubs. This exceptional diet, in turn, creates a superior cream that’s high in beta carotene and rich in omega 3.

At St. Brigid’s, every aspect of their process is carefully considered, because they believe that better farming practices make more delicious food. They are certified organic through Pro-Cert and CSI, Animal Welfare Approved AWA through A Greener World, soon-to-be Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) through the Rodale Institute.