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Arva Flour Mills

2042 Elgin St
Arva, ON
(519) 200-8093

Arva Flour Mills, in Arva, Ontario, on the banks of the Medway Creek, is believed, to be North America’s oldest continuously operating water powered commercial flour mill.

Originally established in 1819, unlike most other heritage mills, we have never ceased operations and continue to produce what we believe is: The Best Flour by a Dam Site!

We mill a natural heritage flour from non GMO wheat from small nearby farms. Our vintage roller mills produce a heritage flour with no preservatives or undesirable commercial additives. We mill the old way and when you order direct from us, you are receiving flour that has not been sitting on a shelf or in a warehouse for weeks or months.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit our mill, we have a wonderful store that sells a vast array of organic, natural and local products. We have recently opened The Mill House Bakery, a wonderful artisan bakery, baking delicious products using our flours. The aroma is breathtaking!

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