1009 Massey Road Grafton, ON 289-251-5080

Local Suppliers

Kawartha Dairy
Family owned dairy producing the freshest ice cream, butter, milk & cream
Ste. Anne's Bakery
An extension of the spa itself, the bakery specializes in freshly prepared, gluten-free baked goods
Rheally Emuzing Ranch
We are a small family farm, raising free range emu, rhea, chicken, duck, & quail.
Hilt's Butcher Shop Ltd.
Hilts Butcher Shop continually strives to provide a safe and wholesome product fresh from the farm to your family.

Indulge without the guilt; as a Canadian health spa, Ste. Anne's believes in nourishing the body on all levels. Relaxation would not be complete without taking care of the great appetite that develops during your stay at the spa. We have gone to great lengths to put together a dining experience that is both healthy and wholesome. You will notice that we donít discuss calories or fat content on our menus.


Our culinary team considers the healing powers of food for the body and soul when creating Ste. Anne's breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Specifically designed to intrigue and delight, each dish generates a strong response from guests who appreciate the creativity while taking comfort in knowing that every ingredient is hand-selected after thorough consideration.


Please note that the dining room at Ste. Anne's Spa is private for overnight and day spa guests only.

PRICE RANGE : $$                 LICENSED : NO                 PATIO : YES