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Local Suppliers

Niagara Food Specialties
Naturally raised, locally produced prosciutto & cured meats
Alchemy Pickle Company
Regional and seasonal cultured vegetable pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, and naturally carbonated sodas
Just like ideas, acorns begin small with the hopes of becoming something big, strong and meaningful. This was the initial push behind Urban Acorn; a Flexiatarian Catering company & pantry style Market in the Junction Triangle, founded by husband & wife team Chef Daniel Holloway and his 'Boss Lady' partner Marie. Inspired by art, music, and using food as a dialogue for social change, Urban Acorn wants to encourage people to broaden their understanding of food and each other with the hopes of building stronger communities. Their mostly plant-based approach to cuisine, allows them to seamlessly create menus to both omnivores and vegans. Their philosophy is simple, Food should unite, not divide people.
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