Hillier Prince Edward County, ON (416) 362-1957

Local Suppliers

Vickis Veggies
Organically grown vegetables, including +100 types of tomato
Pfenning's Organic & More
Family farm and distributor of local certified organic produce & organic, pastureed meats
Laundry Farms
Fresh produce grown in Prince Edward County, providing their customers with quality vegetables, fruits & seeds.
In the Summer Dinner Series, Chef Jamie Kennedy shares the beauty and bounty of his farm in Hillier, Prince Edward County. This series of Saturday evening dinners, commencing starting in the Spring and going into the fall, celebrates the gastronomic beauty and spirit of this special place on the shores of Lake Ontario.
Chef Kennedy turns his focus to his farm to draw inspiration from the landscape and the bounty that thrives in its unique terroir. This excellence is presented through a weekly interpretation of fresh ingredients and local beverages selected from the fields, streams and lakes of Prince Edward County and beyond.
PRICE RANGE : $$$$                 LICENSED : YES                 PATIO : NO