550 Bayview Avenue Toronto, ON 416-901-8234

Local Suppliers

Mapleton's Organic Dairy Farm
Family owned & operated dairy making ice cream, yogurt, frozen yogurt and more
Murray's Farm
Raising heritage breed swine and pasture raised heritage eggs.
An awareness of our environment, how it nourishes us and what we must do to have this relationship continue. Every thing we do is local with our lowest standard of procurement being organic. We constantly strive to be sustainable and support other like-minded people in the food business. But it is more than just food choice and ingredients. Cafe Belong is about creating a connection between the natural food from our land, the farmers that nourish and harvest it, and ultimately, the people who enjoy it. It is this circle of sustainability that will surround your visit a sense of belonging to the environment and to the beautiful Evergreen Brick Works venue. It is this dedication to provenance, preparation and presentation that stand as a testament to value.
PRICE RANGE : $$-$$$                 LICENSED : YES                 PATIO : YES