Unit 1, 20 Hurst Ave Kitchener, ON 519-489-0123

Local Suppliers

Pfenning's Organic & More
Family farm and distributor of local certified organic produce & organic, pastureed meats
Flanagans Foodservice
Flanagan's is the largest Canadian owned, independent foodservice distributor in the country.
5 Chicks and a Farmer
We have a small farm in North Easthope Township near New Hamburg where we are producing pasture raised chicken, turkey, pork and beef.
We are a little take-out Vietnamese eatery in Kitchener filled with food entrepreneurs & professional chefs specializing in delicious & unique Vietnamese Banh Mi & other street style food.

WE ARE, a saran wrap, aluminum, and parchment free kitchen, local, sustainable, pasture-raised, or organic. BYOC (bring your own container) friendly. Our containers and utensils are fully compostable.

We collaborate with other chefs, farmers & local food businesses who aim to grow the local economy, support non-profits and most importantly treat the environment and the community in a respectful and sustainable way.

PRICE RANGE : $$                 LICENSED : NO                 PATIO : NO