27 Durham Street Flesherton, ON 902-401-9115

Local Suppliers

Kolapore Springs Trout
Locally grown, spring fed fresh and smoked trout
Pristine Gourmet
Virgin cold pressed canola, sunflower, soy oils; Infused wine vinegars and edamame

The Harvest Dinners are a farm/forest to table dinner series focused on showcasing local sourced, home grown and foraged ingredients within Grey/Bruce county.

Located in Flesherton, Ontario, 10 guests are invited into our quaint and eclectic country style home to share an intimate be dining experience. We believe in working with our local farmers/producers not only to provide the best quality ingredients but also to promote, showcase and tell their stories.

The Harvest Dinners are donate what you want events. We strive to provide a unique and one of a kind dining experience.


PRICE RANGE : $                 LICENSED : NO                 PATIO : NO