Feast ON Hyperlocal Craft Beer

 What is ‘taste of place’? It’s about experiencing the flavours grown in your own backyard, or from the farm up the road. It’s about going to the farmers’ market, and seeing the best of what grows in your county laid out in front of you.

You can’t talk about taste of place without talking about beer. The local water, grain, and hops will all have a bearing on the flavour, and will vary dramatically from region to region, town to town. Where can you find these local craft brews?

Well, beyond the breweries, the following Feast ON restaurants are great spots to sample hyper-local ‘tastes of place’ from the surrounding area.


Atomica Gourmet Pizza and Wine Bar, Kingston
What’s on tap? Try something from Stone City Ales, brewed right downtown Kingston on Princess St. You’ll also find MacKinnon Brothers on tap, a local favourite located just outside the city. They grow their own malt-barley, hops and forage the grounds for peppermint used to make their wickedly addictive peppermint stout.

The Combine, Norfolk
What’s on tap? Rambling Road Country Pilsner, from their Brewery Farm in Norfolk County. Ramblin’ Road grows their own hops on site and then turns it into delicious, easy drinking ale. 

Hawthorne Food and Drink, Toronto
What’s on tap? Try a couple of brews from your own backyard, like Kensington Brewery’s Fruitstand Watermelon Wheat made as an homage to the dozen or so fruit stands that line the streets of Kensington Market in Toronto.

Bruce Wine Bar and Kitchen, Thornbury
What’s on tap? Try whatever’s fresh from the keg at Northwinds Brewhouse and Eatery, just down the road in Collingwood. They source Georgian Bay grown hops to for their cask ales, and we’re ever so thankful. You can also sample hyper-local brews like Spirit Tree Cider — which is made with apples from the cideries own orchard!

Can’t stay for a pint? Take a couple home with you.

Northwinds Brewhouse and Eatery in Collingwood, Rhubarb’s Boshkung Brewing in Minden Hills, and The Blue Elephant in Simcoe all have awesome eateries, but more importantly (for the hop head anyway!), they’ve got bottle shops where you can purchase rotating and seasonal brews!

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