Eat Your Evergreens!

We’re constantly looking for new and delicious ways to showcase growing Ontario food trends.

Through a recent partnership with Tourism Toronto, the OCTA team embarked on a research escapade that had us digging deep into what makes Ontario’s edible identity unique.

From the expected like maple syrup to the truly wild–think Great Lake fish, and even the slightly kooky forest flavoured foods, we built up a database of over 25 Great Canadian Tastes of Toronto.

With Christmas fast approaching, Val Howes of Reader’s Digest Open Kitchen decided to take our research and explore evergreens as edible accoutrements in a video blog: Eat Your Evergreens!

Each year more than 100 million trees are produced for Christmas worldwide. Considering that it takes 8 years to produce a decent-sized tree–and more for my family and their 14ft. ceilings–it seems silly to discard this bounty after only a few weeks of using it as decoration.

Enter Toronto’s astoundingly creative fleet of chefs.A� In this metropolis you’ll find meats, cocktails and even chocolates featuring this emblem of winter festivities.

Dig in and explore them for yourself!



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